Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Stardoll Christmas Clothes :D (mostly star coins)

hey everyone!
did you find my last post helpful? hope so!
anyway! about a year ago i joined the stardoll family and loved it ever since!!
my username is nickiminaj11105 add me :D if you dont have stardoll you can easily join here!
of course im not being paid to make this post... BUT! i did make some cute christmas outfits for its users!
check em out!

where i got the outfits :D   :
outfit 1 :
              "one arm dress w belt" in wild candy 69sc
             "black leggings" come when you 1st log in 0sc
             "slashed over the knee heels" ( or any black heels) bonjuer bizue orginaly 50sc on sale for 25sc
              "multi chain necklace" voile 40sc

outfit 2 :  can get in starbazaar because its lasts years and they no longer sell it :(

outfit 3 : "rivet sheath mini dress" msw'12 orginaly 16sd now 8sd
               "white necklace" get free when you first log in  0sc
              "so undercover heels" click here and join a party with the theme of so undercover watch
               whole video 0sc
outfit 4 :  "red ruffle dress" velvet orchid 15sd
               "pointed platform court shoes" bonjour bizue 50sc
               "moster high purse" follow this to get it and others 0sc
               "net gloves" fallen angel i dont know the price :P
               " hollywood tattoo" fallen angel

hope you like :D
        lucy <3

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