Thursday, 6 December 2012


hey!!!! so its the 6th of december and roughly 18 days 'till christmas. this is the time that people start to run out of both money and ideas for gifts ...  so ive made some cool and cheap gift ideas for you :D 

1) gadgets!! 

   has your loved one bought a  gadget lately? that needs a cover?or
   stickers? or membership?
   kindles, iPhones,blackberrys, laptops and iPads are easy gadgets   
   to shop for!  think of the person... is he/she girly? non-girly? into 
   cars? trucks? flowers? hearts?etc. 
   with that idea.. not much can go wrong! and its really cheap :D 
   try amazon, target/walmart(in america etc.) tescos (uk/ireland) 
   or just try your local mall or supermarket. 
   HINT! you can never go wrong with argos, you can even order
   online :D 
2) body care, jewellery and body sprays
   does your loved one love jewellery? does he/she love makeup? 
   does he/she love taking care of themselves? this is slightly harder 
   to do but if you know the person it can be easy! id stay away 
   from makeup (its a personal thing) but jewellery, skin care and
   perfumes can be the jackpot! it depends on the person but in 
   general ,...
   perfumes from their favourite celebrity is what most people go 
   jewellery can be something simple that will go with any thing,  
   like a small silver necklace , this doesnt stand out as much and is
   a great idea :D 
   a moisturiser/ bath bomb or smelly soap are perfect for girly girls 
  (or boys) :P 
   HINT!! lush, bath and body works ( america etc) boots and your local chemists ( pharmacy) are great places for gifts like this :D 

3) something homemade :D 

  this may seem corny to some people but its true what they say, it 
  really is the thought that counts! i promise you if you give your 
  mother a homemade present for christmas she will be just as 
  happy as if you got her a new mac book pro! 
  draw/paint a picture? or a statue of something she/he loves? or
  even a frame with his/her favourite picture in it :D 

  well thats it for now have a great christmas!!!!!


          Lucy.K <3


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