Saturday, 1 December 2012


HELLO!!!!! o my gawd!!! december once again!! 
seems like 10 years since i last posted.... yet i remember all of it !! funny huh?!!! 
anyway :P me and my friend grace are tracking santa for the 3rd  time now :D so excited!!! this is becoming a real tradition for us!! although we are using different blogs then before we are still using our own blog and a joint blog. ill be posting on this blog you are reading( grace will be using her personal blog ( and our old but abandoned joint blog (  will have us both ( on shifts of course :P ) i might even post a video of santas trip and me blogging :D this will show you exclusive backstage access :D you can also contact me on my email and i will answer any questions you have or even give shouts outs on my blog :P 

im so excited its unbelievable !!! are you excited???? comment email ( ) and, or follow me :D

have a nice day now 
BYE !!!! 
lucy <3 


  1. whoop can't wait Lucy :) xx

  2. omigod Lucy the blog looks so cool - It's like woww ! The snow falling, The snowflake button, The countown :o ! How did you make the snowflake mouse button thing and the countown ? xx

  3. lol youll be amazed what searching on the internet can do :P im now working on background music :D

    thanks btw :D your blogs awesome too !!

  4. aw thanks :) and cool can't wait to hear it hahh ! I'm gonna message you on Facebook have an idea ;)