Monday, 17 December 2012

Shout Outs!!!

hey blogger fans! lucy here :D
so recently i got a request on stardoll as a result of my last post. im so glad she added me because it lets me get to know her better! like i said before, my username on stardoll is nickiminaj11105 ( to confirm i have wavy blonde hair and a pink dress on ) . you can message me, add me, comment on my suite or send a gift, im not picky!
as a result i am now holding reserves for SHOUT OUTS! the girl on stardoll, you know who you are and im not announcing your name for confidential reasons ( you decide if you want people to know who you are ) you can message me and ill shout out to you as my first blogger follower on stardoll! but for the rest of you, if you want a shout out on either this blog or the new joint blog with me and grace you are so welcome!
SHOUT OUTS will take place on the 24th of december during the santa tracker.
it doesnt matter the age, gender, nationality etc all is welcome!

you can also email me at for shout outs if you've no stardoll account (or comment below)

have a fantastical christmas!
                                                    Lucy <3

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  1. Awesome idea ! I'm so sad I can't get into my account (rosetyleriscool !)anymore :( Can't wait for Santa Tracking though :D