Tuesday, 24 December 2013

My Favourite Christmas Movies!

So I've decided to help you all out if your wondering what movies to watch both tonight and tomorrow :)
Now these of course are only my personal favourites but here we go!
The countdown begins:
9.Nightmare before Christmas.
Although the name is slightly less jolly than this festive season, it must make it into my top ten! The plot about a confused Pumpkin King feeling that something is missing is surprisingly cheery as he finds his answer within Christmas!
8.The Grinch that stole Christmas. 
This green, hairy outsider has somehow made his way into the hearts of his views, one snowflake at a time.The story is all about the fear the 'whos' have of our furry friend because he lost his love on the few days before Christmas in his early years.He tries to make Christmas true again by stealing all the presents from the town Whoville with the help of his little friend Sydney Who.
7.Fred Claus
Growing up along side a successful sibling can be harsh... but Fred bares the worse being a brother to St.Nicolas himself! Years after being compared to his brother leaves Fred regretting having a brother and hating Christmas, until the North Pole needs his help!
A more recent tale than the others with a brand new sequel just out! This school has a very..'different' teacher than most. He decides to create a nativity like no other! This movie is so creative and hilarious it truly deserves a place in my top 10!
5.The Santa Clause
A very true name for this movie indeed! This story is based on Scott Calvin who causes Santa to fall off his roof! this causes Scott to 'become' Santa! Of course this would be confusing for anyone.. but Scott seems to have things under control.. well as much as he can! 
4. Muppets Christmas Carol.
Just like the original Christmas carol (no.3) but... MUPPETS!
3.A Christmas Carol
Scrooge had never been a popular guy.. but when his past partner comes to him on Christmas Eve to warn him of 3 ghosts. Christmas past, present and future. In hopes to change Scrooge for the better! 
2.The Polar Express
A true classic of Christmas!! A train of young boys and girls sets off to the Northpole. An amazing adventure for the whole family.
My favourite movie of the whole year!!! 
Buddy always knew he was different from the other elves, and when the time was right, he decides to set off in search for his real father. Hilarious, uplifting comedy that will surely have you through tears and smiles no matter what your age.

So that's my top 10! Hope you enjoy!!!
Merry Christmas xxx

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