Monday, 23 December 2013


Hello my fellow Santa fans!
Less than a day until our santa tracking begins!!
I'm so excited, aren't you?!

So because I have a lot to do on Christmas Eve.. iv decided to switch it up!

As you all know I always track with my best friend Grace! We normally do "shifts" and take turns tracking and writing on our blogs.

Now Grace might not be here in the morning so I will DEFIANTLY be tracking then! But when Grace comes back I might disappear (to spent time with my family of course) but don't you worry! I will tell you when I will  be back and will have a note of all places where Santa has been while I've been away. This will (unfortunately) happen a few times throughout the day. But of course I'll try my very best to  be here as much as possible!

HOWEVER, when I am here I will be very busy!!
I will  have games,quizzes, music, and lots of fun stuff to enjoy this Christmas Eve even more.

So come back tomorrow for the fun and tracking right here!
Bye! (for now :P )

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