Saturday, 24 December 2011


Santa starts preparing in 8 minutes time soo get ready people !

06.59am - One minute people !
07.00am - Santa is checking his list to see who's been naughty or nice.
07.07am - Santa and the elves share their North Pole home with some friendly neighbours.
07.10am - Santa is reading the last post-office shipment of boys' and girls' letters.
07.15am - Santa is inspecting new bicycles coming off the assembly line.
07.20am - The workshop where they make cuddly teddy bears is one of Santa's favourites.
07.25am - Santa is making sure the childrens' blocks are smooth and splinter-free.
07.30am - "Oh ! Imagine how delighted the little girls will be when they un-wrap their new dolls tomorrow morning !"
07.35am - Choo choo ! Santa likes to set up trains to encircle the Christmas tree.
07.40am - Santa checks to make sure he's on time.
07.43am - Santa's reindeer get one last meal to give them strengths for their big journey.
07.48am - All reindeer are healthy and ready to go.
07.57am - Still on Schedule.
08.00am - The younger elves watch and learn soo they can help build toys next year.
08.05am - Even during the busiest night of the year, Santa and the elves find time for a little fun.
08.10am - It's hoops time !
08.15am - The elves take a much-needed break from their toy-building work.
08.25 - "Oh ! The simple joy of a friendly snowball fight !"
08.30am - Santa enjoys his last meal before take-off.
                (he'll have cookies and milk at the houses he visits.)
08.35am - Still on schedule .... But there's lots of work left !
08.38am - Santa puts on his special coat that keeps him warm even on the coldest  nights.
08.43am - Frosty the Snowman and Santa are old friends
08.46am - Time to put the harnesses on the reindeer.
08.51am - The skids are waxed and the paint has been shined on Santa's famous sleigh.
08.56am - The sleigh is connected to the reindeer harnesses.
09.00am - Santa gets ready to make final preparations before take-off.
09.06am - Santa's bag of presents is almost full !
09.10am - Santa loads his bag of presents into the sleigh.
09.15am - Just a few more minutes and Santa will take off !
09.20am - Mrs. Claus makes sure Santa dosen;t forget his hat.
09.25 -Mrs. Claus gives Santa a good-bye kiss.
09.29am - And he's off !

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